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"Thank you so much for conducting Mum’s service, it was so warm and friendly, just what Mum would have wanted."

Addingham Moorside in Wharfedale. Photo by PL.

by your side as you say farewell

It is more than 35 years since Piers first started helping families say goodbye to loved ones. Now, working with Funeral Directors in West and North Yorkshire, he regularly takes services in Skipton, Shay Grange and Oakworth crematoriums, as well as in cemeteries and burial grounds in the area. One of the most experienced celebrants in the north of England, he has conducted many hundreds of services - with each one treated as a unique occasion.

Piers is caring, reliable, a good listener, and highly experienced writer of eulogies. He is known for his friendly and caring approach to families and his long experience of dealing with many types of situation, including tragic losses. Funeral directors have described him as a 'true professional' and 'someone we can always rely on'. Confident and down to earth in his approach, he is experienced in leading funerals on all types of occasion.

If you have a funeral to arrange, please either contact him directly or ask your Funeral Director.

Piers writes...


I was born in Yorkshire and grew up in Lancashire so I've got the best of both worlds for a northerner! And having lived in many places since, including France, I love meeting people of all backgrounds. My wife, Gill, is a professional counsellor based in Silsden. I'm also a Dad, and have two grandsons. I have experienced my share of personal loss too, and have had the privilege to speak at my parents funerals, as well as those of close personal friends. All of these aspects of my story help equip me for my role.

I love to support families and groups of friends of all backgrounds, whatever their take on 'life, the universe and everything'. I'm committed to being totally inclusive.

When I'm not visiting families or taking services, I love walking in the hills, taking photos and cooking. I love life - and believe each day is a gift.

Explore my site to see what I offer. If you want someone by your side as you journey through the most difficult parts of life, please get in touch.

"I just wanted to thank you, and really that in itself isn’t enough.

You came into our family and helped us through a tragic situation, in such a supportive , empathetic and calming manner, making sure everyone of us felt safe and listened to in your care.

We had only met you once and immediately you seemed to know and understand [name], producing a eulogy and service truly reflecting him and his difficulties. 

As I reflect on your service, I find it gives me strength and I feel it is helping me to make the little steps to move forward." 

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