"They live on, those we love and lose,
Perhaps elsewhere, if that is our hope,

but certainly, in our heart.
The imprint they have made is not washed away like a footprint in the sand;
The mark of those we love is made more deeply, more profoundly.

We feel it as loss just now, but of course, it is love.
It is love that will not let them fade from us,
Love that allows them to stay even as we say farewell,
Love that holds them close always"

Piers Lane

by your side as you say farewell

Looking for someone to conduct a funeral, or to offer support when you are bereaved?
For more than 35 years , Piers has been helping families say goodbye to loved ones
with perfectly crafted words and appropriate rituals. 

Looking for someone you can trust?
Working with Funeral Directors in Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, Ilkley, Skipton, Keighley, and beyond, Piers is quick to respond, a good listener, and highly experienced writer of eulogies. He is known for his friendly and caring approach to families and his long experience of dealing with many types of situation. Funeral directors see him as a 'true professional' and 'someone we can always rely on'.

what people say

Light Pink Roses

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the lovely service today. I’m sure that Dad would have liked it - it was just him down to a tee!  We loved your words during the welcome, eulogy and closing of the service. I honestly couldn’t have wished for anything better."

Fresh Buds

"The service was delivered with great sympathy, compassion and a smile, which several people made comment about. So, thanks writing a lovely eulogy and giving Mum a lovely send off ."


"Thank you for yesterday.  Your words were crafted skilfully and sympathetically.  Your delivery was engaging and sensitive.  I thought it was great and the feedback from those present and the many watchers in NZ echoed my views whole-heartedly.  It was a wonderful send-off "



I was born in Yorkshire and grew up in Lancashire so I've got the best of both worlds for a northerner! And having lived in many places since, including France, I love meeting people of all backgrounds. My partner Gill is a long established filmmaker and currently training as a counsellor. I'm also a Dad, and have two grandsons. I have experienced my share of personal loss too, and have had the privilege to speak at my parents funerals, as well as those of close personal friends. All of these aspects of my story help equip me for my role.

I used to work for the church as an ordained minister but now I work independently and enjoy the freedom I have to be alongside people of all backgrounds. 

When I'm not working, I love walking in the hills, playing drums, reading - and a really good pint.

Explore my site to see what I offer. If you want someone by your side as you journey through the most difficult parts of life, please get in touch.