By your side as you say goodbye and remember

Although often one of the most difficult times of our lives, losing someone we love means that we will need to arrange a ceremony that helps us, and all who gather, to say our farewells and to celebrate our memories. It would be my privilege to assist you at this time. Together we can create a ceremony that is true to the person whose passing we mark and whose life we celebrate. This can be either as the Funeral itself or as a separate Life Celebration ceremony.

Having conducted several hundred funerals over nearly 30 years, I can help you with ideas, and will create a ceremony for you based on traditional and contemporary sources, as well as leading the ceremony through for you. When you are wondering what to do next, I can help.

Call me direct on 07967 327230 or ask your Funeral Director to contact me.

"Piers could not have been more helpful and sympathetic. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to help organise and deliver a beautiful ceremony to remember a loved one".



How will we connect with you to discuss our plans?

You can either contact me directly or ask your Funeral Director to get in touch. After that I'll arrange with you a suitable time for me to visit and talk about the person  who has died and the funeral.

Can you write and give the eulogy?

A eulogy is a spoken tribute to a person who has died, and getting this right is very important. I'll visit you and carefully listen to you as you tell me about this person.  Although I may not have known the person it would be my privilege to give their eulogy and many people find it helpful to not have to worry about a family member or friend having this responsibility.

What elements can we include in a funeral ceremony?

Anything you like - as long as it suits you, and is being kind and respectful to others. Traditional elements - readings, poetry, music etc are all possible, but so are other elements.

Is there anything we MUST include?

No. The ceremony is yours, needs to be true to the person we are remembering and helpful to guests. 

Can we have a prayer?

Yes, of course. I'm not a humanist so can include prayer - but I'm equally happy should you choose not to.

Do we have to have a prayer, or mention God?

No. The service needs to be true to you as a family and to the memory of the person, so the choice is entirely up to you. As a person with an open spirituality, I'm happy to follow your lead.

What is a Life Celebration and how is it different to a funeral?

Whilst every funeral needs to celebrate the life a person has lived, a Life Celebration is an optional separate occasion - sometimes quite a while after a person has died. It is longer than a funeral ceremony and can contain more elements. Being some time after a funeral, there is often a sense of less grief and it becomes a healing occasion when smiles and laughter can play their part on our journey towards acceptance. I don't need to have taken the funeral to take the Life Celebration. You can hold this anywhere and may not need me - though having a professional, experienced Celebrant to lead things through can be really useful.

A different question?

Get in touch. I'll be happy to talk with you.

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