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Love & Loss October 2022

We had a really positive Love & Loss bereavement support group last night, with 11 people attending, each of whom have lost someone special.

We focussed on 'moving forward after losing someone you love' - and paid close attention to the fact that moving 'forwards' is different from moving 'on'. We never forget those we have loved and lost - but rather we find ways of carrying them with us in ways that allow us to function, and even to find happiness again.

We also considered how grief is like the weather – varied, unpredictable, always there. Rather than ‘stages’ of grief, which can sound linear, the image of weather perhaps catches something more of what it is like to grieve.

Facilitating the group is always rewarding. If you’d like to join us for the next group, we’ll be at the Clarke Foley Centre on Monday 28th November. More info at

What do you think about grief as weather? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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