Love & Loss groups are opportunities for people with shared experiences of losing someone they love to get together, support one another and explore useful resources and wisdom for the journey of grief. Originally started with real face-to-face to groups (wow! remember those?) Love & Loss is currently an online group which Piers hosts each Tuesday at 5.30pm via the Zoom platform. The group is not therapy or counselling though signposting to extra support like this is one of the functions of the group. Love & Loss offers a safe place to chat about how you are feeling, about what is coming up in the days ahead that may be a worry to you, and about, well, anything anyone wants to talk about! One of the really great things that happens is that people connect and start to support one another outside of the group meeting times.


If you have experienced loss yourself, either recently or much longer ago, you'd be welcome to join us. The opportunity is not restricted to families that Piers has got to know through taking their funeral - anyone is welcome. There is no charge.

In the future Piers looks forward to two developments for Love & Loss. Firstly, to re-start face-to-face groups in his area of West Yorkshire and secondly to see Love & Loss groups grow as other people with suitable skills and experience take on the simple principles of availability, openness and care and start groups themselves. If you'd like to know more about joining Love & Loss or about starting a group in your area then email Piers.

If you'd like to join the current Tuesday group on Zoom, simply click the button below.

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