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Support group


If a significant bereavement is experienced in the workplace by accident, suicide or other tragic circumstances, your staff team may benefit from an opportunity to talk over what has happened. Offering such an opportunity is a positive and compassionate action on behalf of management. 


As a widely experienced bereavement support group facilitator, Piers can help you support your staff by enabling a safe space either in person or online for staff members to begin to process their loss and begin to move forwards.

Piers does not offer one-to-one counselling, and the group work does not replace a potential need for individuals to access this. However, he is able to respond quickly, often offering support before counselling needs can be assessed or arranged. 

A pattern of three 90 minute group sessions over a period of weeks or months is a common arrangement, though Piers will consult with you as to what might be most effective in your context.

Recent clients include the NHS and CAMHS, for which Piers has facilitated groups enabling staff members to explore their own feelings after experiencing loss, both personally and in the workplace. 

Available to work by arrangement in West and North Yorkshire, groups can also be facilitated online. Groups are non-religious and inclusive to all.

Get in touch with Piers if you'd like to know more.

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