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By your side as you celebrate

Jen and Dave (pictured):
We could not recommend Piers highly enough. Piers was a true professional. He understood what was important to us in our ceremony and helped create what many of our guests said was the most beautiful marriage ceremony they had ever experienced. Piers was fantastic engaging with our guests at the beginning of the ceremony, and even helped us resolve a missing buttonhole disaster. I truly don't think there is anyone else we would rather have conducted the ceremony and we both feel privileged that it was Piers that led this special ceremony.

Your wedding day should be everything you ever dreamed of - and more. A day of story-telling, memory making and well-wishing. A day that stays with you forever as the moment you made your vow in front of the people who matter most to you. A day which is packed with excitement and low on stress, high on emotion and low on tension. Impossible? No! The way this is possible is by thinking through what you want, and trusting me to deliver a Ceremony and help you organise a day that you will always remember, and that you family and friends will always refer to as 'the most amazing wedding day' forever afterwards.

With nearly 30 years since conducting my first wedding I've built a huge amount of experience, ideas and resources which I'm ready to share with you as your Celebrant and Wedding Day Coordinator. I'm continued to love my work, and treat every wedding as an opportunity to celebrate each couple's story and send them on their married life with warm wishes, deeply meaningful words and rituals. I'm still filled with energy, great at putting your guests at ease and building a rapport, and overseeing a day which deserves to be delivered personally, with passion, perfectly. I've created traditional, contemporary, quirky and alternative weddings and would love to hear your ideas - which is where I always start - with you.

Based in Yorkshire, I'm available for weddings throughout the UK (and beyond - I have weddings in France and Barbados currently booked. If you are planning a destination wedding, I'd be excited to explore the possibilities with you). The UK is filled with incredible locations, and opportunities to think outside the box and create a day that is perfectly you. And that matters.

Whether it's Yorkshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Cheshire, the Lake District or elsewhere in the UK or beyond, get in touch so we can begin to talk about your day!


...why a Celebrant-led wedding may be the best option for you. Because


  1. Awesomely unique, creatively different, perfectly you! No 'off-the-peg', 'insert-name-here' for you! 

  2. Somewhere that is different - at home, on a beach, in your garden, on a lake, in a woodland, up a mountain. And why not?

  3. Outdoors! Did you know the Registrar or the Church can't marry you outdoors? Or even in a Marquee/tepee/yurt!

  4. Spiritual, but not religious. You want something that expresses your beliefs and values not just a legal ceremony.

  5. In the evening, or even at night. You'll struggle to find a Registrar or Church who will marry you at midnight.

  6. Fun! Filled with laughter rather than legalities, smiles rather than seriousness, celebration rather than regulation.

  7. To last more than about 10 minutes and to be the centre of the day, not just a quick legal formality.

  8. Led by someone who is experienced, confident with a crowd, who your guests warm to (that's me btw!)

  9. To be the product of your creativity, not just what you are given by the authorities

  10. Because someone in your family would benefit from more flexibility than other options might allow.


I'd be delighted to hear your ideas for how you want to celebrate the story of your love; to explore with you how we can create a day that you and your guests will remember forever - that will make everyone who knows yu say, 'That was so them'.

I'm always happy to chat first - before you decide whether I'm the right Celebrant for you. We can talk on the phone, via FaceTime or Skype - or even meet up for a coffee if we happen to be close enough to do that.

Send me an email or give me a call. Click here for contact details.



Marko & Siobhan


​Can you legally marry us?

No - but I can create you a perfect, bespoke ceremony that is tailored perfectly for you, which a legal ceremony may not be able to give you. If you choose a Celebrant-led wedding then it's necessary to attend your local Registry office to complete the legal formalities.

How will we connect with you to discuss our plans?

We'll meet in person as well as using Zoom, FaceTime or Skype and the good old phone too - and this becomes really useful as we move nearer the day and you want to run something by me.

What elements can we include in our wedding ceremony?

Anything you like - as long as it suits you, and is being kind and respectful to others. So, as well as the promises you may make, the rings you may exchange, the symbolism which may be used (handfasting, a wine (or spirits) blending ceremony, the candle ceremony, weaving, cairn building....), you can have readings (literature, a religious tradition, contemporary culture...), songs (to listen to or to join in with), performances (dance, slam poetry, drumming - why not?...) - the list goes on! I'll work with you to ensure that a ceremony that is a true celebration of your love is central to the day.

Is there anything we MUST include?

No. The ceremony is yours, and as it is a Celebrant-led ceremony, you have complete freedom.

Can we have a prayer or a blessing?

Yes, of course. I'm more than willing to advise you on this, help you create a prayer or blessing, and to lead this. 

We are a same-sex couple. Is that a problem to you?

No, it's a privilege! I totally support equal marriage.

Another question?

Get in touch!