A day when you are surrounded by those who love you most, making promises to the one whose love you cannot live without. A day which is carefully crafted to express who you are as a couple, celebrate your love story, welcome your family and friends, and give you memories of a stress-free, wide-awake, smile-shaped experience. 


Partnering with a professional and highly experienced Celebrant and Wedding Day Coordinator gives you the certainty of knowing that you'll be in creative, experienced, friendly and wise hands. I'd love to have the privilege of being your Celebrant and co-creating a Wedding Day that will stay with you forever.

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You want to do things differently. You don't want an off-the-peg ceremony that is like so many others. You'd prefer not to have an 'insert-name-here' kind of wedding. You're not religious but you do want to express your own values, beliefs and spirituality. You want something more than a Registry office can offer. You want to write your own vows. You'd like a properly outdoor ceremony - miles away from the wedding 'industry'. You'd like to get married at a different time than venues permit. You'd like to get married on a beach or up a hill or in a hot air balloon. You'd like to dress as cowboys and ride away into the sunset. Well, you might...

You want someone who is experienced in leading ceremonies, who is confident with a crowd, who your guests will warm to, who has years of amazing occasions behind them, a sense of humour and lots of idas of how to make your wedding unique; someone who will listen to your story and create a ceremony that is perfect for you.

There are so many reasons why a Celebrant-led wedding can be the perfect choice for you, and these are only the beginning. Basically, it's your day and you'd like to do things your way. So you should. Nowadays Celebrant-led weddings are quickly being established as the best way to have creative control over your day. Talk to me to find out more.

"Choosing a celebrant was really important for us. We really wanted the ceremony in front of all our guest to be the highlight of the weekend and Piers did not disappoint. 

It is so easy to think that you could get a charismatic uncle or a confident friend to run the ceremony as it would be a huge cost saving, but don’t. It would be the biggest mistake you make in your wedding planning and leave you only with regrets. The time and effort put in upfront to get exactly what you both want from the event pays for itself but in addition you get someone who is calm, organised and able to keep you relaxed on the day. If I were to plan my wedding again, the celebrant would be the first person I booked".

Fran & Hywel

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If you are looking for a Celebrant to lead your big day, I'd love to explore your plans with you! I'm professional yet friendly, highly organised yet calm, experienced yet still excited about celebrating your unique love story.


We'll work together closely to design the perfect ceremony and wedding day - bringing you an experience everyone will love and remember. We'll explore your hopes for the day, and then, with my experience and resources, I'll create you a first draft to see and comment on. There's no limit to the amount of revision and development you can ask for - it's all included.

On the day I'm available as both Celebrant - leading the ceremony - and as Wedding Day Coordinator - making your announcements and ensuring the whole day runs smoothly from beginning to end. You can, of course, book me for as Celebrant only but many couples value knowing that their carefully made plans are in good hands and that they can relax and enjoy their wedding day.


I'm not only available to be your Celebrant but also your Wedding Day Host / Coordinator. If you have made all the plans yourself you'll know two things for sure: that you want everything to work on the day, and that you don't need the stress of making it happen! That's where I come in - you plan, I deliver.

Many couples book me in this role as I help you enjoy the day, knowing that your plans are being looked after, your guests hosted, your announcements being made and your suppliers (caterers, photographer, musicians etc) are being coordinated.

In this role I'll be there 3 hours in advance of the ceremony with a timeline and planning sheet that we've agreed a few weeks in advance. My professional, experienced pair of eyes and hands can make sure your day is as perfect as you always imagined.


Ever wondered where the phrase 'tying the knot' comes from? It's from the ancient practice of tying a couples hands together to indicate that they are now married. I often use this colourful ceremony within the weddings I create, alongside other rituals such as blending rum or gin - taking two different spirits and combining them to create something new - just like a couple do in marriage. Other ideas include candle lighting, weaving and much more. When working with couples of particular faith backgrounds I'm always willing to explore their customs and use these too.


When Hannah and Simon got married under a 300 year old Cedar tree in south west France, we created a ceremony that was personal and very family-centred. Their ceremony had readings from friends and even a song sung to them by Hannah's sister and her family.

If you are fortunate to have guests who are talented, then lets explore how they could could take part - after all, who wants an 'insert-name-here' wedding? Let yours be unique. And if you'd like recomendations of people who could bring something unique to your ceremony, then ask me.

I'm always confident and relaxed enough to  make space for the unrehearsed, the quirky, the laughs and the unexpected emotion of people taking part in your day.


I'd be delighted to hear your ideas for how you want to celebrate the story of your love; to explore with you how we can create a day that you and your guests will remember forever - that will make everyone who knows yu say, 'That was so them'.

I'm always happy to chat first - before you decide whether I'm the right Celebrant for you. We can talk on the phone, via FaceTime or Skype - or even meet up for a coffee if we happen to be close enough to do that.

Send me an email or give me a call. Click here for contact details.


Marko & Siobhan


Where do you do weddings?

I currently live and work in France, but from October 2019 will be living in the UK. I'm still taking weddings in France for this summer (2019) and for winter in the UK. From October 2019 I'll be taking weddings in the UK with some weddings in France as well. Complicated? Just ask me :)

We don't live in France; can we have a wedding ceremony there?

Yes - because what we are talking about is a wedding ceremony, not a legal marriage. You will need to be legally married elsewhere (the Mairie in France for French residents, a Registry Office in the UK if you live there, etc) and then have a separate celebration, making promises to one another and marking the occasion in exactly the way you want. The wedding ceremony I will lead for you has no legal standing.

Can you legally marry us?

No - but I can create you a perfect, bespoke ceremony that is tailored perfectly for you, which a legal ceremony may not be able to give you. If you choose a Celebrant-led wedding then it's necessary to attend your local Registry office to complete the legal formalities.

Where do your couples come from?

I'm delighted to work with couples from as far apart as Canada, Australia, America, Hong Kong, Dubai, Barbados and various parts of Europe.

How will we connect with you to discuss our plans?

Meeting in person is realy useful but not crucial. A lot of our consultation will be via FaceTime or Skype and the good old phone too - and this becomes really useful as we move nearer the day and you want to run something by me. I do offer a rehearsal though - get in touch to here more about this.

What elements can we include in our wedding ceremony?

Anything you like - as long as it suits you, and is being kind and respectful to others. So, as well as the promises you may make, the rings you may exchange, the symbolism which may be used (handfasting, a wine (or spirits) blending ceremony, the candle ceremony, weaving, cairn building....), you can have readings (literature, a religious tradition, contemporary culture...), songs (to listen to or to join in with), performances (dance, slam poetry, drumming - why not?...) - the list goes on! I'll work with you to ensure that a ceremony that is a true celebration of your love is central to the day.

Is there anything we MUST include?

No. The ceremony is yours, and as it is a Celebrant-led ceremony, you have complete freedom.

Can we have a prayer or a blessing?

Yes, of course. I'm more than willing to advise you on this, help you create a prayer or blessing, and to lead this. 

We are a same-sex couple. Is that a problem to you?

No, it's a privilege! I totally support equal marriage.

Another question?

Get in touch!