Ceremony Design and Writing Only service

With most weddings taking pace in summer, there are only so many weddings I can take. As much as I'd like to be able to take every wedding I'm asked about, I can't - in fact I get asked about some key dates up to a dozen times. When this happens, I always refer couples to another highly recommended Celebrant - but what if they are also already booked? 

Or, what if you have a friend or a family member who you would love to take your wedding, but don't know how to create a perfect ceremony based on years of experience and bags of resources, as well as a knowledge of what 'works'?

To be honest, there's a risk here - asking a favourite family member or friend without a background in creating ceremonies they might refer back to their own wedding of decades ago. And sometimes they don;t enjoy the day because of the pressure on them...

But let's say you have the perfect person - confident, charismatic and and great communicator. How do you get the ceremony content right?

Well, now with my ceremony writing only service, you can now have a perfectly written, bespoke ceremony for someone other than me to lead for you. And book me for some optional coaching calls with them and the whole thing could just be the best idea you ever had. 

'Piers was so helpful, organized and supportive in the lead up to our wedding and ensured that our ceremony was perfect, unique and represented us as a couple' 

The way it begins is the same as with all my couples - by us talking. I ask you to tell me your hopes and ideas, who the key people are on the day (other than you two, of course!), how you met, and the sort of people you are together. Then I send you a first draft of a ceremony, you read it over and then together we develop it as much as necessary until you have a perfect script for your wedding! There's no limit to how often to we consult until we have it bang on target. I'll even include notes for the person you choose to lead your wedding, so they understand how everything works.

An optional extra is to book me for some coaching calls with your nominated person - that way I'll explain my own approach to leading a ceremony, talk them through the script and answer any questions they may have.

'Piers made our ceremony exactly what we wanted. It was intimate, full of laughter, fun, and he added so many lovely touches that we would never have thought of only for his expertise'

Get in touch to explore this option for your wedding - prices begin at less than half the cost of booking me in person for your wedding!