Other celebrations

By your side as you mark the moment

Life is an exciting journey with many moments to mark... why plan everything else and leave the words and the ceremony to chance?

Whether it is a naming ceremony for a child, a special anniversary, renewing your vows or a different life event, making sure that everything is thought through carefully, runs smoothly and is led in a way that works for you and your family is important. I can help you make sure that the most important times of your life are marked with words, actions and a ceremony that is personal to you - and is led in a way which is both relaxed and dignified.

I can help you with ideas, and will put words together for you based on traditional and contemporary sources, as well as leading the ceremony through for you. Marking the day matters. I'll help ensure it is memorable.

What sort of ceremony?

Anything that is a moment that would benefit from being marked in a special way . This could be a celebration (such as a new child, a naming ceremony, an anniversary (perhaps with renewal of marriage vows), or some other milestone), a healing occasion (such as after divorce or dispute), a remembering event (for example following the death of a much loved pet), a proxy event (when you can not attend another ceremony elsewhere in the world) or a preparation event (such as approaching end of life).

Where would we hold the ceremony?

It's up to you. It's your life, your journey, and you decide where would make sense. It can be an official venue that you book, your own garden or home, or by a river or in the hills (necessary permissions being obtained).

Does it have to be a big event with guests?

No. It can be simply a ceremony for yourself or with those closest to you. But if you want to make it a full-scale event, then let's do it!

Do you do baptisms?

No, as this is a ceremony of the church, and I do not represent a church. I can offer a naming ceremony though, which can be a lovely occasion and is often what people are looking for. Call me to chat about this. 

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