to be celebrated with friends, family, young and old, the ones we know well and the ones we look forward to getting to know better. It is a gift to be celebrated in places of beauty, of character and of meaning for those we celebrate with.

Whether it is marking the beginning of a life with a naming ceremony, celebrating love in a wedding ceremony, or marking the close of a life with a funeral, life is a gift that deserves ceremonies that invite us to celebrate, mark the moment and make memories that stay with us.

And on those biggest occasions, some things particularly matter – knowing that you are you in the hands of someone who has years of experience of writing words and creating occasions, who can speak to an audience with confidence and a warm tone, who has a sense of occasion yet retains the personal touch.

As both Celebrant and Coordinator with hundreds of such occasions behind me, I’d love to explore with you how I can help you create with an occasion and ceremony that is perfect for your needs. Let's talk.

Bespoke Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Renewals of Marriage Vows,
Funerals & other Life Ceremonies in the UK & France


I was born in Yorkshire and grew up in Lancashire so I've got the best of both worlds for a northerner! And having lived in many places since, including France, I love meeting people of all backgrounds. I'm married to Gill and we are super happy together. I'm also a Dad, and have two grandsons. I have experienced my share of personal loss too, and have had the privilege to speak at my parents funerals, as well as those of close personal friends. All of these aspects of my story help equip me for the role of a Celebrant.

I used to work for the church as an ordained minister which gave me huge experience of leading ceremonies of all kinds. Now, I'm no longer part of the church, and love the freedom I have to enable people of all backgrounds to find ways to create ceremonies that are meaningful to them - using words and actions that reflect their own journey, spirituality and traditions. I love working with people of no faith, of traditional faith, of lost faith, of alternative faith, of absolutely-no-faith-at-all-thank you-very-much. 


My aim is to help you celebrate your ceremony in the way that is most appropriate to you - whatever your beliefs. If you are looking for a bespoke wedding which starts with you, get in touch.

When I'm not working, I love walking in the hills, playing drums, reading - and a really good pint.

Explore my site to see what I offer. If you want someone by your side as you prepare for an important life occasion, please get in touch.

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